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About CeGIT

Center for Geostrategic Research and Terrorism (CeGRT) is a independent think-tank founded in 2018. The team of researchers and associates gathered in the organization focuses their activities on research, monitoring and analysis of various aspects of security that contemporary society faces. At the center of our interest is geopolitics and terrorism as well as the effects of their impact on the state of security at the national, regional and global levels.

Through its activities, CeGRT aims to identify and define new security challenges, risks and threats, and to analyze and improve existing policies and circumstances that contribute to the improvement of individual, national, regional and international security.


Mission and vision


Our mission is:

  • Supporting and improving the safety of citizens and the society through the implementation of different forms and methods of research, analysis and education;
  • An active contribution of the Center as a professional respected and recognized organization on creating a peaceful, stable and secure security environment.

Our vision is a modern, stable, safe and secure society.